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Why it’s Important to Hire Family Lawyers in Australia

Why it’s Important to Hire Family Lawyers in Australia
In Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, experienced and knowledgeable family lawyers are available to help with your family issues. Whether you live in a downtown city centre, in a suburb, or in an outlying area, you’ll find lawyers who can help you through this difficult time.


Family lawyers are a special breed – not only must they know the law and how it can be applied, but they are usually coming to people during a sensitive time in their lives. Sometimes people are tempted to try to handle issues in family court without legal advice and support. While it can be done under certain simple circumstances, there are many excellent reasons to enlist the help of a family lawyer in Australia.


Why Hire a Family Lawyer?


First, the obvious reason: a good family lawyer has a great deal more experience with and knowledge about the court and the issues than you do. If you choose to represent your own interests, you will likely end up investing hours of time and effort yet never be able to match the abilities of a lawyer. Judges make little allowances for those representing themselves in court; self-represented litigants, generally have the same expectations placed upon them as legal professionals do. Chances are that inexperience will lead you to make procedural errors, to forget to produce necessary paperwork, or to jeopardise your case by making prejudicial statements. Your chances of obtaining a sympathetic judgement plummet when a judge becomes annoyed with you. 


Next, a lawyer can suggest options that you may not even realise you have. Whether you are seeking to formalise a divorce, a maintenance settlement, a property division agreement, or a custody arrangement/parenting plan, it’s unlikely that you will realise all of the avenues that are available to you. Advice from a lawyer can open up new possibilities.


Hiring a lawyer helps to buffer the emotions involved in family court issues. Anger, resentment, and sorrow are often present when dealing with family issues – the stakes are very high, and the emotional wounds may be fresh. When you act on your own behalf, you may be unable to contain these emotions. This can lead to hard feelings on both sides, and less-than-clear thinking on your part. Your lawyer will be concentrating on the related points of law, and will not be invested in the situation emotionally. This results in a better performance in the court which should lead to a better outcome.


Paperwork. It’s exacting, and you may feel as though you are being buried in it. Lawyers are used to paperwork, and can fill it out correctly so that it doesn’t have to be done repeatedly and delay the process.


Your lawyer will necessarily have a more objective point of view than you do. This will allow him/her to make recommendations that will benefit both parties , come up with a coherent strategy, and streamline the process. Often divorcing spouses become fixated on "winning” certain concessions and fail to realise that compromise is in everyone’s best interest. A lawyer can help to make these things clear to you.

Family lawyers in Australia know the ins and outs of family law and how it can affect your lifestyle after the relationship has dissolved. Typically, conversations around financial matters can devolve rather quickly. There are approaches a lawyer will recommend based on your experience when settling property bought and shared between you. A private contract governed under the Family Law Act (1975) is known as a binding financial agreement. It determines how property should be divided between two former partners. There are many DIY sites on the internet, claiming "easy to complete” binding financial agreements – don't be fooled into heading into this contract without legal consideration. Family lawyers located all over Australia can offer legal counsel unique to different regions. Entering such a contract without having an experienced legal team can leave you vulnerable and starting this new chapter of your life financially unprepared.

If you and your former partner cannot come to an agreement in settling finances and property, your family lawyer can make an application to begin a court proceeding. The court will determine what is most fair for both partners. Having the right person in your corner will ensure you get what you are entitled to.

Accessing family lawyers all over Australia has never been easier! Legal teams who offer services and communicate online with their clients can provide quick and concise advice. Another benefit is they can assess your needs quickly and paint a clear picture of the costs involved in presenting your case. 



Contact a law firm today, and learn more about family lawyers in Australia.

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